The band of our Musical Society, the Cox harmonica, currently has a total of three CDs.

This CD was recorded in the year 2001 to mark the 25th anniversary of the company, being the direct of the band D. Antonio Ruda Peco. The CD is formed mostly by works interpreted in different competitions in which the band had participated:

  • Winds of the people, by Joan Enric Canet
  • The force of Fate, by G. Verdi
  • The three-peaked hat by Manuel de Falla
  • 5th Symphony (IV Finale), by Dimitri Shostakovich
  • Dredred Av26, by Andrés Valero Castells
  • Symphony N º 9 "of the New World" (IV Allegro), of a. Dvorál

This CD is a compilation of the performances of the band at the International Music Band Competition "Ciudad de Valencia" in the editions of 1994, 1996 with D. Antonio Ruda Peco and 2007 with D. Gonzalo Berná Pic.  The CD contains the following works:

  • Pastoral Suite, by Gerald H. Boedjin
  • Memories of an old Zarzuela, by Carlos Suriñach
  • The three-peaked hat by Manuel de Falla
  • The Founders (concert pasodoble), by Gonzalo Berná Pic
  • Atiragram, by José Pascual Asensio Orús
  • Poem by Montagnard, by Jan Van Der Roost


The company celebrated its 40 anniversary with the recording of this studio CD in the Cox Auditorium (Alicante) titled ' The Sound of a people ' under the baton of D. Gonzalo Berná Pic.

The CD is made up of a repertoire closely linked to Cox and the trajectory of the band, as many of the works have been released by the band.

The CD contains the following works:

  • Sighs of Spain (Pasodoble), by Antonio Álvarez Alonso
  • Cielo Andaluz (pasodoble), by Pascual Marquina Narro
  • Shadows and Lights (concert pasodoble), by Santiago Quinto Serna
  • A la Española (pasodoble), Antonio Ruda Peco
  • Juan Zaragoza (pasodoble), by Gonzalo Berná Pic
  • Francisco Pastor Pineda (pasodoble de Concierto), by Antonio Ruda Peco
  • The Founders (concert pasodoble), by Gonzalo Berná Pic
  • Oh, Manolars! (Pasodoble-verse), by Fco. Miguel Rocamora Rives
  • Benjamines de Cox (March), by Gabriel García Martínez
  • Casta Cojenson (pasodoble), by Gonzalo Berná Pic
  • Aromas of Fiesta (pasodoble), by Fco. Miguel Rocamora Rives
  • Cox Coines (March mora), by Antonio Ruda Peco
  • Palindromía Flamenca (Fantasia) soloist saxophone: Miguel Cámara-guitar: Silverio Carmona-cajon Flamenco: Manuel Bernabeu, by Antonio Ruda Peco
  • Jota de San Isidro (Jota Popular), arr. Gonzalo Berná